Read How to buy Bitcoin First : HERE

This GUIDE will help you how to buy eBooks in Click4Read step by step by Bitcoin ( example from Coinbase )

Step 1 : Select ( Add eBooks to cart for check out )

Step 2 : Enter your email address, your name and check box Agreement, click Purchase

Step 3 : You will go to the page like this, choose Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency for Checkout

Step 4 : Copy Correct Our’s Bitcoin address and Amount Bitcoin for process payment

Step 5 : Login your Coinbase Account -> Account -> BTC Wallet -> Send, and Paste Our’s Bitcoin address in Recipient and Amount in BTC

See this :

Step 6 : Make transaction send Bitcoin like this



And this, this is Final Step, You don’t need to do anything, You can click “View my payment” to see detail your transaction complete yet or not

This is “View my payment“, when Confirmations start at 1/6, you will receive your eBooks download link via email

After about 5′, You will receive 2 email like this :

Don’t worry, if you don’t see any email when sent bitcoin to us, because transaction send Bitcoin need to COMFIRM by Bitcoin Network, We can’t meddle this process. We SURE that you will receive your download link about 10-60 minute only !

*** Check your SPAM email if NOT see any purchase email in INBOX