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Why You Attracted a NarcissistTranscend Mediocrity by J.B. Snow – Audiobooks , MP3

Review  Why You Attracted a NarcissistTranscend Mediocrity

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+ Author : J.B. Snow (Author), Carl Moore (Narrator)
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+ Listening Length : 31 minutes
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You may have endured a long and painstaking relationship with a narcissist. You may be licking your wounds now, wondering what happened and wondering why you were the victim of a narcissist. You may not know what it is that he saw in you that attracted him.

Whatever it is that attracted him to you, you might want to change it, right? You might want to hide it so that other narcissists don’t see that quality and try to control you, too. You might want to do whatever you can to ensure that you never again cross the path of a narcissist, and if you do, you will better know what the signs are in order to avoid such a relationship at all costs.

A relationship with a narcissist damages us. It wounds us to our very core. It causes us to be frightened, shaken, unbalanced, and emotionally devastated. Emotional thinkers are especially prone to narcissistic abuse and its consequences. The narcissist knows just how to reel you in, and he does not get affected negatively by as many of the things as you are affected by.

This book takes a look at the different reasons the narcissist was attracted to you. It explains who is prone to be narcissistic and why. It explains how you can avoid getting into another narcissistic relationship. This book will discuss the narcissist as a male; however, narcissists can be female, too. You might come from a narcissistic family. You might have narcissistic friends, children, and coworkers.

The latest statistics regarding narcissism shows that in the last four years, narcissism has exploded. In 2014, narcissism was roughly one in four. Today, narcissism statistics show that two-thirds of people have seriously narcissistic qualities. They are the majority, and you are the minority. Either you will become them, or you will maintain your own sense of individuality, creativity, and intelligence to fight the uphill battle in not becoming one of them.


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