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+ Author : Kevin Horsley (Author), Dan Culhane (Narrator)
+ Format : MP3 ( without DRM – You can listen on many Other Devices )
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+ Listening Length : 2 hours and 28 minutes
+ Language : English

Kevin Horsley broke a world memory record in 2013….

And you’re about to learn how to use his memory strategies to learn faster, be more productive, and achieve more success.

Most people never tap in to 10 percent of their potential for memory. In this book you will learn how the world’s top memory experts concentrate and remember any information at will and how you can, too

Do you ever feel like you’re too busy, too stressed, or just too distracted to concentrate and get work done? In Unlimited Memory you’ll learn how the world’s best memory masters get themselves to concentrate at will, anytime they want. When you can easily focus and concentrate on the task at hand and store and recall useful information, you can easily double your productivity and eliminate wasted time, stress, and mistakes at work.

In this book you’ll find all the tools, strategies, and techniques you need to improve your memory.

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  • Practical methods to improve your memory

    Whether you are looking for ways to remember names, numbers, texts, or whatever else you won't be disappointed. There's something in here for everyone. He walks through numerous methods for memory improvement and explains how you can store information for long term memory recall. This is sort of a different take on a self-development book, and everyone will walk away with something. Although the narration was a little fast while listening at normal speed, that can be fixed and it's a worthy read. Invest in your memory and yourself with this book.

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