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+ Author : Drs. Sampson Davis (Narrator, Author), George Jenkins (Narrator, Author)
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+ Listening Length :  5 hours and 46 minutes
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George Jenkins, Sampson Davis and Rameck Hunt were three African American kids living in the inner city of Newark, all from broken homes, all living amid poverty, crime, and drug abuse. Two served time in juvenile detention centers. They met in high school and together they made a pact: they would support each other for as long as it would take for them to become doctors. Through an affirmative action program, they enrolled at Seton Hall University’s premed program, from which they graduated in 1995. In May 1999, they graduated with degrees in medicine and dentistry.

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  • Very inspirational !

    I actually had to read this book for college writing class. It's the book of the semester. This book is great! I also liked the narrator even though he spoke in slang it was a perfect fit for the characters , it was much easier to imagine the guys and their lives. I really connected to the book I was emotional when bad things or sad things happened to the 3 boys & their families. Overall it's a great read especially if you feel you need to be dug out of a whole because these three guys went through a lot ; pos/neg peer pressure , they lacked role models but also gained positive role models through out there journey, they got lucky and lastly got educational opportunities that if they didn't receive or work hard for who knows where they'd end up.

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