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+ Author : Myke Cole (Author), Alexander Cendese (Narrator)
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From the time of Ancient Sumeria, the heavy infantry phalanx dominated the battlefield. Armed with spears or pikes, standing shoulder to shoulder, and with overlapping shields, they presented an impenetrable wall of wood and metal to the enemy. It was the phalanx that allowed Greece to become the dominant power in the Western world. That is, until the Romans developed the legion and cracked the phalanx.

In Legion versus Phalanx Cole weighs the two fighting forces against each other. Covering the period in which the legion and phalanx clashed (280–168 BC), he looks at each formation in detail – delving into their tactics, arms, and equipment, organization and the deployment. It then examines six key battles in which legion battled phalanx: Heraclea (280 BC), Asculum (279 BC), Beneventum (275 BC), Cynoscephalae (197 BC), Magnesia (190 BC), and Pydna (168 BC) – battles that determined the fate of the ancient world. Drawing on original primary sources, Myke Cole presents a highly detailed but lively history of this defining clash of military formations.

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  • I might be a niche market for this but I loved it

    I love fantasy novels, I like history but sometimes its not fun to read. Myke Cole crushes it on readability and fun…with a couple disclaimers. I am a U.S. military veteran of the modern era and Myke translates a lot of historic units and strategy into modern termanology. This made it all infinitely more understandable to *me* but might not help someone who is not familiar with it. I especially enjoyed some of the author's commentary on first hand visits to the battlegrounds on terrain features and their impact. He makes some great fantasy pop culture/table top gaming analagies that are also helpful to *me* but not necessarily everyone. However, for a military veteran and fantasy gaming nerd…it was damn near perfection. Audio performance is solid too, albiet starts slow due to historical date reading as chronological background which was clearly meant as a reference point for the reader to refer back to rather than narrative. Once you are beyond that it is a wonderfully flowing narrative that flew by for me. It left me hoping Myke Cole revisits non-fiction like this in the future.

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