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+ Author : Dara Horn (Author), Elisabeth Rodgers (Narrator)
+ Format : MP3 ( without DRM – You can listen on many Other Devices )
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+ Listening Length : 8 hours and 54 minutes
+ Language : English

The award-winning, critically acclaimed author returns with an ingenious novel about what it would mean to live forever.

Rachel has an unusual problem: she can’t die. Her recent troubles – widowhood, a failing business, an unemployed middle-aged son – are only the latest. She’s already put up with scores of marriages and hundreds of children, over 2,000 years – ever since she made a spiritual bargain to save the life of her first son back in Roman-occupied Jerusalem. There’s only one other person in the world who understands: a man she once loved passionately, who has been stalking her through the centuries, convinced they belong together forever.

In 2018, as her children and grandchildren develop new technologies for immortality, Rachel knows she must enable her beloved offspring to live fully-without her, but with meaning – by finding a way for herself to die.

Gripping, hilarious, and profoundly moving, Eternal Life celebrates the bonds between generations, the power of faith, the purpose of death, and the reasons for being alive.

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  • A wholly different sort of story.

    I loved this creative and unusual approach to historical fiction/life before death. It was so different and engrossing. As someone who is in my late 60s, and who is thinking more and more about how fast my life has gone, how quickly my grandchildren are growing up, and how much I miss my husband, I appreciated being reminded that it is that life is so transient that makes it so valuable.
    It's rare that a narrator is so good that she adds to the overall experience; she was so excellent that I felt like Rachel was talking to me and that I'd know her if I meet her on the street. Overall, a gem.

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