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+ Author : Mark Tufo (Author), Sean Runnette (Narrator)
+ Format : MP3 ( without DRM – You can listen on many Other Devices )
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+ Listening Length : 10 hours and 27 minutes
+ Language : English


The Talbot clan has settled in to life at Etna Station. Mike has earned the rank of Lieutenant, but there’s no time to rest. Colonel Bennington has ordered Mike and his squad of misfits on a secretive mission to New York City, where they are tasked to complete a complicated rescue that rapidly becomes nearly impossible to accomplish. Cut off from all support, they face what may be the single most dangerous threat to all mankind as a super predator emerges from the rubble of the once vibrant city, now a broken shadow of its former self.

As their mission becomes more covert and questionable than they had originally been told, Mike, BT, Gambo, and their team are forced to choose between the security of their families and what’s best for humanity. Will they succeed in what must be done? Or will they fall along the way as their ever-adapting, quickly evolving zombie enemies press the attack?

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  • Love this duo writer and performer

    great story. only downside is it was over too quickly and now I have to go back to other stories. On Indian Hill 4 at the moment. Overall Marks books have entertained me for several years. He is the only author I have purchased the same titles in multiple formats, e-book and audio. If i get the chance I will buy hardback and get them signed some day. only 4 stars so he doesn't get a swollen melon, lol.

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