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+ Author : Darrell Brown (Author, Narrator), Sophie Ellis (Author, Narrator)
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+ Listening Length :  5 hours and 8 minutes
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A woman disappears on her way to work. A man is convicted of her murder.

But this case is different. Though the police believe they have the right man, key components of the prosecution case are missing. There is no body of the victim, no witnesses to the crime, no confession and no physical evidence: no DNA, CCTV or murder weapon.

Journalists and TV producers Darrell Brown and Sophie Ellis examine the extraordinary case of Suzanne Pilley, a woman who vanished whilst on her way to work in Edinburgh in 2010. The pair has spent two years investigating the case and speaking exclusively to David Gilroy – the man who was found guilty of killing Suzanne and disposing of her body. He is currently serving a life sentence in a Scottish jail.

But Gilroy says he is innocent: victim of a miscarriage of justice.

Darrell and Sophie are not so sure. They explore Gilroy’s claims that the investigation and trial were mishandled, that key pieces of evidence were not presented in court and witnesses were not contacted.

The pair uncover startling information, not heard in court, that might have changed the minds of the jury. And they shine a light on aspects of the Scottish criminal justice system that might be keeping an innocent man behind bars.

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  • Compelling case for injustice

    100% of what I know about this case is from the audio book BODY OF PROOF and from the Wikipedia article. I have no idea of whether or not David Gilroy killed Suzanne Pilley or even whether Ms. Pilley is dead. I can easily imagine cases where a defendant should be found guilty of murder even when no body is found. However, when the prosecution presents a detailed summary of how Ms. Pilley was killed and her body disposed of and there was plenty of opportunity for forensic evidence, there was an obligation to present such evidence. Since there was no forensic evidence found where it should have been Gilroy's conviction is an injustice.

    BODY OF EVIDENCE is a fascinating and well presented audio book.

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