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+ Author : Mary Beth Keane (Author), Molly Pope (Narrator)
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A profoundly moving novel about two neighboring families in a suburban town, the friendship between their children, a tragedy that reverberates over four decades, and the power of forgiveness.

Francis Gleeson and Brian Stanhope are two NYPD rookies assigned to the same Bronx precinct in 1973. They aren’t close friends on the job, but end up living next door to each other outside the city. What goes on behind closed doors in both houses – the loneliness of Francis’ wife, Lena, and the instability of Brian’s wife, Anne, sets the stage for the stunning events to come.

Ask Again, Yes by award-winning author Mary Beth Keane, is a beautifully moving exploration of the friendship and love that blossoms between Francis’ youngest daughter, Kate, and Brian’s son, Peter, who are born six months apart. In the spring of Kate and Peter’s eighth grade year, a violent event divides the neighbors, the Stanhopes are forced to move away, and the children are forbidden to have any further contact.

But Kate and Peter find a way back to each other, and their relationship is tested by the echoes from their past. Ask Again, Yes reveals how the events of childhood look different when reexamined from the distance of adulthood – villains lose their menace, and those who appeared innocent seem less so. Kate and Peter’s love story is marked by tenderness, generosity, and grace.

“I devoured this astonishing tale of two families linked by chance, love, and tragedy. Mary Beth Keane gives us characters so complex and alive that I find myself still thinking of them days after turning the final page. A must-read.” (J. Courtney Sullivan, author of Saints for All Occasions)

“Mary Beth Keane is at the height of her powers in this novel about the sacrifices we make when we choose to build a life with someone. In Ask AgainYes Keane tells a story about the fragility of happiness, the violence lurking beneath everyday life, and, ultimately, the power of love. If you’ve ever loved someone beyond reason, you will love this wise, tender, and beautiful book.” (Eleanor Henderson, author of Ten Thousand Saints)

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  • Truth and fiction sometimes go hanging hand

    The author captures real emotions and honest family situations that parallel reality so clearly that I wouldn’t be surprised to read that such an incident had actually occurred. Her multiple points of view give such insight into her characters thoughts and feelings that the reader almost feels like she/he is sitting in the living room or car of the protagonists as they navigate the paths that lead them to the satisfying yet far from pat conclusion. I would love to follow Peter and Kate as they grow through middle to old age – whether they continue their tenuous road to recovery or take a different direction. Ann, Lena, and Frances are well drawn as the secondary characters, who complicate the lives of these dynamic and flawed but totally realistic lovers. I will read anything Keane puts forward.

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