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+ Author : Jack Mars (Author), Edoardo Ballerini (Narrator)
+ Format : MP3 ( without DRM – You can listen on many Other Devices )
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+ Listening Length :  11 hours and 14 minutes
+ Language : English

In this much-anticipated new spy thriller series by Jack Mars, listeners are taken on an action thriller across Europe as presumed-CIA operative Kent Steele, hunted by terrorists, by the CIA, and by his own identity, must solve the mystery of who is after him, of the terrorists’ pending target – and of the beautiful woman he keeps seeing in his mind.

Kent Steele, 38, a brilliant professor of European History at Columbia University, lives a quiet life in a New York suburb with his two teenage daughters. All that changes when late one night he gets a knock on his door and is abducted by three terrorists – and finds himself flown across the ocean to be interrogated in a basement in Paris.

They are convinced that Kent is the most lethal spy the CIA has ever known.

He is convinced they have the wrong man.

Do they?

With a conspiracy around him, adversaries as smart as he is, and an assassin on his tail, the wild game of cat and mouse leads Kent on a perilous road – one that may lead back to Langley – and to a shocking discovery of his own identity.

Agent Zero is an espionage thriller that will keep you listening late into the night.

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  • Chuckle and Scoff...Chuckle and Scoff

    Overall this was a great book. The story was good the characters were well-developed and the narrator was wonderful. But I want to know who placed a bet as to how many times they could get the words “chuckle and scoff” who says that let alone a multiple of times?).
    I really did like the book so I wasn’t going to mention it. But I’m on the second book in the series now and the author is still doing this. I don’t know whether to chuckle or scoff.

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