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A Nearly Normal Family – Audiobooks , MP3

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About Author M. T. Edvardsson 

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+ Author : M. T. Edvardsson (Author), Rachel Wilson-Broyles – translator (Author), Emily Watson (Narrator)
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+ Listening Length : 12 hours and 31 minutes
+ Language : English

New York Times Book Review recommends M.T. Edvardsson’s A Nearly Normal Family and lauds it as a “page-turner” that forces the reader to confront “the compromises we make with ourselves to be the people we believe our beloveds expect”. (NYTimes Book Review Summer Reading Issue)

M.T. Edvardsson’s A Nearly Normal Family is a gripping legal thriller that forces the listener to consider: How far would you go to protect the ones you love? In this twisted narrative of love and murder, a horrific crime makes a seemingly normal family question everything they thought they knew about their life – and one another.

Eighteen-year-old Stella Sandell stands accused of the brutal murder of a man almost 15 years her senior. She is an ordinary teenager from an upstanding local family. What reason could she have to know a shady businessman, let alone to kill him?

Stella’s father, a pastor, and mother, a criminal defense attorney, find their moral compasses tested as they defend their daughter, while struggling to understand why she is a suspect. Told in an unusual three-part structure, A Nearly Normal Family asks the questions: How well do you know your own children? How far would you go to protect them?

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  • Interesting storytelling

    This was a decently entertaining book, especially the way it was told through three different perspectives because it wasn’t just three separate accounts of the exact same thing — rather it was a blend of flashbacks and present circumstances. The story is set in Sweden and centers around the Swedish judicial and law enforcement system. The father is a pastor but did not behave like one in almost every way, you wouldn’t even know he was a church official if it wasn’t mentioned by him or the other characters. Although the summary focuses on the story being one of family and what they’ll do for each other, it’s as equally if not more, a story of how strong the bonds of friendship can be and what it can withstand. The story also encompasses image and the disparity of how families want to be perceived compared to what is actually going on at home. It is quite long and I can see how it may seem like it’s dragging on but again, the different perspectives is interesting and makes up for it.

    Thank you for your feedback.

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