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+ Author : J.B. Snow (Author), Stephanie Harris (Narrator)
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My readers and listeners write to me on a regular basis, often entangled in relationships with narcissists, which is both toxic and addictive at the same time. They struggle to get out of the relationships, but the cognitive dissonance of the narcissists pulls them back in. Narcissists are nice at times, and then they are critical, rigid, and self-absorbed at other times. They both intrigue us and disgust us at the very same time.

Many of these women have formed destructive trauma bonds with their narcissists. They want to get away from them, but the excitement and the puzzle of them pull them back in. The romantic cycle that the narcissists adorn them with is often so much more alluring than that of other men. The women start to become addicted to the roller-coaster rides and the narcissists’ sex appeal. The women start to make excuses, trying to justify carrying on relationships even when they are difficult and trying.

Once we are able to break free from relationships with narcissists, we want to figure out healthier ways to choose our mates. Many people don’t realize exactly how easy it is to spot this type of person on the first date. Many women miss the signs in their very first online chats and their correspondences with this type of man. If they would have been looking a bit closer, the signs were always there from the very first interaction that they had with the guys. If they would have been educated and knowledgeable, they would have dodged the narcissist bullet altogether.

This audiobook seeks to enlighten and educate those who are pursuing online or other forms of dating. We can look at the behaviors of those we are interested in and then determine readily if they are prospective mates who are worthy of our attention going forward. Life is much too short to pursue a relationship with a narcissist – even if he is incredibly good looking, has a great job, or is extraordinarily intelligent.

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