About Us

What is Click4Read ?

Click4Read is a mini online bookstore, we focus on Audiobooks. All Audiobooks on Click4Read are uploaded by Our’s Associates. Almost Audiobooks can be listen in multi devices, It means you can listen Audiobooks ordered on Click4Read on your Iphone, Ipad, Laptop, or other Android devices.

If you need any help about play Audiobooks in your device, you can contact us by via email : support@click4read.com

Click4Read is very happy to cooperate to you, if you have Audiobooks for sale. We only get a litle commission, don’t hesitate to contact us : sales@click4read.com

Cryptocurrency is future of online market. You can buy Audiobooks by Cryptocurrency in Click4read. You can buy our Audiobooks with Bitcoin / Litecoins …

Why should you buy Audiobooks on Click4Read ?

My ebooks vendors only get a little commision so our price is the best. Your information is safe with us. Because you don’t need to provide more info about you other than your email address to receive Audiobooks ! Your personal infomation will be protected 100%.

You can buy Audiobooks with Bitcion, you can search how to use Bitcoin on Youtube ( we suggest you buy Bitcoin in Coinbase or any similar market). Coinbase is very safe to buy Bitcon or any other Cryptocurrency. It will be safer for you when process order by credit card, other online store can be hacked.

How to buy ebooks with Bitcoin ?

Click HERE, this GUIDE will help you buy Audiobooks by Bitcoin.

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